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CBM Christian Book Publishing, helping Christian authors publish their Christian books to the Glory of God. At CBM, we not only help authors to promote their books, but we also assist in the Christian book publishing phase.

Our goal is to help you publish your Christian book, gain exposure, receive great royalties, coupled with great author book ordering prices that save you money in the process.

We have had many authors come to us from either poor experiences or lack of personal attention using various Christian book publishing houses. Within such, we offer assistance, advice, great services and consider it to be a humble privilege to work with Christian authors that are seeking to share the love of Christ, salvation and be a blessing to others through the Christian book publishing arena.

From manuscript evaluations, recommendations, book editing, proofreading, interior book design, layout and creating your bookís print ready file for publishing, we offer a variety of Christian book publishing services and all at author friendly prices.

The Christian book publishing industry is complex. Many times authors simply visit a publishing site, view the various book publishing packages, see all the check marks with the add ons and sign on spending $2,500.00 to $5,000.00 not even understanding what they are getting. Once their book is published they soon find that the publisher offers very little in the area of author promotions and book marketing.

We will also assist you in setting up your Christian book publishing account, show you how to publish your book for free, have complete control over your book and see your book sales on a daily basis.

Together, we also work with you so that you have a greater understanding of book publishing, the Christian book publishing industry, Christian book marketing, author promotions, online marketing, working with Amazon, Kindle and other online bookstores.

We also offer a professional book review service, authors press releases, author site creations, video book trailer productions, expanding you online presence, social media marketing and other very important parts of your overall book publishing platform.

Compared to many other Christian book publishers, we can help you accomplish the same, save money and have a complete marketing package and plan in motion for less than most publishers charge just to publish your book.

You wonít find any Buy It Now buttons or place your order links on our site. We want to have communication with you by email, get to know you, understand your needs, the vision that God has given you about publishing your book and how we can best help you to accomplish that.

You are not just another book to be published. You have something that God has imparted within you, that it is Godís will, to be shared with others.

Here are just a few services that we provide for the Christian author using our Christian Book Publishing services.

  • CBM Christian Book Editing / Proofreading.
  • Interior Book Design / Layout.
  • Print Ready File Creations For Self Publishing.
  • Paper Back and eBOOK Publishing.
  • Setting Up The Authors Publishing Account.
  • Great Royalty Payments.
  • Great Author Book Order Prices.
  • Exposure On Amazon and other online bookstores.
  • Helping The Author To Obtain Their ISBN Number.
  • Authors Have Complete Control Of Their Publishing Account, Copyright, and Can See Their Daily Book Sales.
  • Book Cover Design.

We help Christian authors through the entire Christian Book Publishing process and we offer something that 99% of other publishers do not offer. That being expanded Christian Book Marketing as follows;

  • Christian Author Book Site Creations
  • Professional Christian Book Reviews
  • 100 site Book Review Marketing Packages
  • 100 site Fresh Book Blast Packages 
  • Community Social Media Book Blast Packages 
  • Author Press Release Packages / Marketing 
  • Video Book Trailer Productions 
  • Video Book Trailer Marketing Packages
  • Authors Page Right Here At CBM Christian Book Marketing 
  • Kindle Promotions
  • and much more.

For what most published charge just to publish an authorís book without offering book editing, we can provide much more for less and in many cases a complete marketing package included as mentioned above.

For further information about publishing your Christian book, feel free to contact us at

   Letís publish your Christian book to the Glory of God.

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Christian Book Publishing assistance and packages from $495.00 to $3,000.00


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