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Destiny Awaits Her!

Prepare to experience something beyond the ordinary! A woman wanting to touch the hem of Jesus' garment will be swept away on an incredible journey of discovery and love. Pause, soak in and hold tightly to the message from Christian author and speaker Marsha Lenski in her inspiring new book WWDKG, Woman With Destiny in the Kingdom of God. Curl up in that comfy chair with this wonderful new devotional and study of God's Word for the feminine heart!

"There's a place in every woman's life where she deserves a standing ovation," Marsha declares from the very first word. Every woman deserves to know a loving God agrees and calls her forward in a burst of heavenly applause. WWDKG is a lighthouse to wholeness and the secret that needs to come out: she is a gift to her world!

WWDKG speaks to a woman's Kingdom destiny and how it is designed with the delicacy of a fine crystal frame meant to hold the original artwork of her legacy. To God, her destiny will be as unique as the prints from the touch her fingertips leave behind, but it won't be an accident. Here a woman learns anew how to let God love her through Jesus Christ. Here is the devotional for one woman or for many to read together again and again.

A woman will have many encounters. God wants to be her # 1 encounter! WWDKG is a gift to women who want God's best for them and those with whom they share their lives. Lavish this one gift upon yourself or a lady in your life you want to applaud and encourage. No woman who reads it will be the same or ever want to settle again for anything less.

Marsha Lenski is the author of two previous books, From Sinking Sand and Pure Intentions. Each is filled to the brim with heart-passion to propel her readers to an appreciation for their God-given uniqueness and call. Her amazing and sometimes startling transparency will stretch your thinking and open your mind to the possibilities for healing, forgiveness and personal growth in spite of tremendous odds and impossibilities.

Marsha Lenski has opened her life on national television interviews that include "Life Today" with James and Betty Robison and CBN's 700 Club. In these interviews Marsha discusses her own moral failure described in her book From Sinking Sand, a must-read for the brokenness this country knows very well. She candidly reveals how God led her from the self-destructive blindness of adultery to the healing path of redemption and true self-discovery in the love of Jesus. Pat Robertson told audiences, "Marsha Lenski's story has touched a nerve in this nation." A courageous read you won't want to miss!

Women stand in line to hear Marsha share her love and passion, encouraging each to let God love her. One woman testified to the work of God in Marsha's life: "Marsha is a unique blend of steel and velvet. The Lord has developed in her the ability to be strong when needed, yet also to be a source of comfort and compassion. I have watched her in joyous times and in brutal times, and witnessed first-hand that dignity, courage and integrity are attributes of her character. Whether you encounter Marsha as an individual, in a group or in her writings, everyone leaves knowing they've had a Divine encounter."

With more than 25 years in ministry, Marsha's passion and message is one of hope and encouragement. She delights in having a part of God's work to empower others through the love of Jesus Christ.

Hailing from central Illinois, Marsha is available for speaking nationwide. You are invited to visit her website at Marsha Lenski and learn more about her books and ministry.

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My Sons Are Jewish - The Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith by Author Paula Clayman
ISBN# 978-0-7684-3906-9

Adapted from book review

Author Paula Clayman releases My Sons Are Jewish - The Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith. A must-read for every Christian practicing the Judeo-Christian faith. Enlightening, unique and enriching this book will not only lay the foundation for the Christian faith, but gives insight and thorough understanding of the Jewish people and their prominence in history. With this book you will find an increased faith in God, a deeper appreciation for God and His love for the Jewish people. A profound appreciation for His chosen people is also keenly acquired through this informative book. 

Author Paula Clayman invites the reader on a journey to discover, not only the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and answers the question of “Who is a Jew”, but additionally, she delivers a noteworthy book by giving the reader God’s plan of salvation to humanity through the Jewish people. Without the knowledge of the love of God towards the Jewish people and knowledge of the covenant given to Abraham and how all people of the world be blessed through that promise, recognition of who the Jewish people are would be severely lacking. Distinctive and impressive, this book is an absorbing and fascinating easy-read that gives a comprehensive history of the Jewish heritage and lineage. Without this heritage and lineage of the Jewish people, it would be easy to miss the love, dedication and reason to pray for Israel and why God’s chosen people are at the very core of Christianity. 

Rich with scripture and history, the author masterfully weaves the divine thread that connects Christian believers and Jews alike to the Messiah thereby establishing the Jewish lineage and heritage. The book begins first with a detailed biblical overview of God’s plan of salvation to humanity through Adam.  However, God’s plan of salvation did not stop with the fall of Adam in the garden, but continued through to Noah, then  through Abraham and on to Judah and then ultimately through David and the Davidic throne of David. 

This book is paramount in understanding the role that the Jewish people play in God’s plan of salvation. The author shares her vast knowledge of the subject of the Jewish lineage through many years of studying the scriptures, The Torah and many other books. She shares openly with the readers that her husband and sons are also Jewish which led her on this journey to discover their Jewish roots and hers as well, being a Christian. 

This book is also a very powerful scriptural teaching that gives biblical insight into the truth of God’s word, His love of His chosen people and how all people of the world are blessed through that Promise given to Abraham. A highly recommended must-read book for every Christian or Jewish person seeking a deeper relationship and walk with God. 

For more information visit Paula Clayman at her authors website


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The Priest, The Knight, Zeus And God Author: Brian D. Starr
ISBN # 978-1463517977
Adapted from book review

“From The Brian Starr Collection”

This is one of the most interesting books that I have ever read. It is filled with volumes of knowledge about such topics as Divinity, Papacy, Saints, Royalty, Lineage, Decedents, Ancestry, Doctrine, Scripture Leviticus Lines, The Five Generations of God, Priests, Prophets, Kings, Orders, Apostles, history and much, much more. Literally, there is no way to make mention of all the topics in this book review.

Author Brian D. Starr has chronicled some of history’s most historical times shedding light on many topics that the average Christian is not aware of. Truly a well written book that allows the reader to explore and understand, that which is not found in your local church’s teachings.

From The Mysteries of The Priest and The Knight, The Five Generations of God, The Times of The Crucifixion and Ministry of The Lord, The Times of King David, The Ancient Lines of Zeus, The Ancient Lines of God to The Apostles Guardianship, be prepared to be taken through the mysteries of the ages as you explore the pages on this book.

With various charts that chronicle genealogy coupled with the fact that the book is written in a simple format, the reader will find the subjects written easy to follow.

This read is highly educational, thought provoking and challenges the reader to dig deeper into what is written for more in depth studies.

Highly Educational, Thought Provoking, In Depth Studies

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Angel With A Mission by Author Donna Boddy
ISBN # 9781462010615
Adapted from book review

“A True Mini Series In The Making”

 From Author Donna Boddy comes Angel With A Mission, a captivating and inspiring story of true love, tragedy, loss, and the restoration, forgiveness and redemption that is found in Christ. This intriguing novel offers immense hope in the midst of overcoming great adversity. 

 Let Author, Donna Boddy, transport you back in time, as she invites you to take a journey through life with young Kata. A woman who had everything this world had to offer. A promising career and fame, a loving husband and family, wealth, a high place in society, stability and security, but as life would have it sometimes these things can change rather abruptly. And although life is ever changing, what do you do about it when you come to the end of yourself and life as you once knew it has forever changed? 

 A triumphant story of restoration, this novel follows Kata during some of history’s most memorable moments to include war torn Germany, during the Great War. Kata weathers the dismal storms of many of these challenges and life’s tragedies, as we all have, but comes to find a greater hope. This is an overwhelming, emotional and delightful novel that will have you fully engaged. You will not be able to put this book down with this powerful novel that will have you sometimes crying and grabbing for a tissue, as you follow Kata through her life’s winding path. 

 Author Donna Boddy’s writing style flows so well and eloquently, it’s like you’re right there with Kata in each scene. This is a wonderful novel of a life interrupted by betrayal, war, sickness, death and tragedy, yet offers true biblical inspiration and strength to the trials and tribulations that we can all face in life. Relying on powerful spiritual truths, the author will lift you up and encourage you in your faith as you follow Kata on her life’s journey where you might find your own story within the pages of this exhilarating novel. None of us are exempt from life’s tragedies and tribulations. We all have our own grief to bear and burdens to carry. This novel will point you to the One that cares for you. Truly an encouraging, captivating, faith builder! 

 This book would make a wonderful ministry tool to those who are weary or to those that do not know Christ. One can look at your own life through the pages of this intricate novel and find that there is a familiar sense that we’ve all been there before. This novel will leave you with an undeniable and unshakable faith. A true mini-series in the making and I will be looking forward to the next sequel!

For more information visit Author Donna Boddy, Angel With A Mission

Highly Recommended

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 The Price by Author Leon Newton
ISBN # 978-1-936076-40-6
Adapted from book review

 Author Leon Newton releases a powerful play, The Price, in book form.

The Price" is one of the most unique books that I have ever read.  The book is a very well-written one-act play that includes the dialogue of a handful of everyday characters.  The setting is hell.  The cast is Satan himself, an arrogant millionaire and a few other individuals that you might even know.  All have been sent to hell for their differing sins and therefore, paid “The Price” of admission so to speak.  The dialogue between Satan, the Millionaire and the inhabitants of hell will keep you thoroughly entertained, but will also keep you on the edge of your seat, to say the very least.

 The Author Leon Newton, in his play, “The Price” displays a thought provoking dialogue between the characters, which not only reveals the love, compassion and mercy of God, therefore bringing others to Christ through salvation, but also encourages one to consider their own salvation and walk with God. 

 Shedding light upon the darkness of mankind’s heart, the author continues the dialogue between the characters that will touch the heart and life of a person who wants real answers to real questions.  Is there really a God? Who is He?  What is the purpose of salvation and the forgiveness of God?  What does it mean to ask for forgiveness?  What is repentance?  What is the grace of God?  How can we really know there is a God?  All these questions are so masterfully answered throughout the play.  This book is a delight to read.

 The book is also a powerful ministry tool, bringing conviction upon the reader, thereby having the potential of bringing many to Christ.  The book ingeniously takes a look at the world in which we live in and the sins that so easily entangle us.  Based upon a sound scriptural backdrop, God’s mercy, grace and love shine through that give glory to God while revealing the vital importance of a close walk with God and the grave consequences for not accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  The book explains throughout the dialogue why the need for salvation and forgiveness of sins is crucial to all walks of life.  

This work is a must read and a must share book.  The play is perfect for youth groups and churches to perform.  I encourage you to pick up a copy and read it for yourself.  It will leave an indelible imprint on your soul and make you realize what exactly Christ has done by His finished work on the cross.  May the salvation of God and the love of God never be taken for granted.   

The Price belongs on the shelves of every bookstore, in churches everywhere and within the home of every believer seeking to share the love and redeeming passion of Christ with others.

The Price By Leon Newton

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Title: Quiet Waters From God Author: Jieun Jung
ISBN # Kindle Edition

Author Jieun Jung, a Christian graduate of Seoul National University, releases her first book Quiet Waters From God which is currently available on Kindle.

Jieun Jung has a heart for sharing the love of God, His wonderful grace, encouragement, hope, and simply to provide God’s waters to the thirsty of all peoples and nations.

In Isaiah 32:18, the scriptures state that my people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.  

There’s no doubt that this book will be like refreshing waters to the thirsty and especially in these times of uncertainties with the many unfortunate things that have been and are unfolding in our world. Like a dry desert or dry thirsty land, God can and does provide provision to all peoples that seek His face.

This is a highly recommended read.

You may find Jieun Jung’s e-book on Amazon and at other online bookstores. The author can be visited at her website, God’s Quiet Waters and you can find her on Twitter.

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A CBM Christian Author Press Release

Jacquie Woodward releases Slam the Door on Cancer And Lock It Out of Your Life. This new book release reveals an interactive miracle that took place within the authors life after receiving the life threatening diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.  As a wife, mother, and grandmother, she was just not finished yet, wanting to leave more of a legacy.  Within this, she was shocked not only by the diagnosis, but the very little encouragement offered to her by doctors.

This is her amazing testimony and recovery, as she was told, Sorry about your luck. We have nothing for you. And a physician friend said, you get through this, you will have to be your own doctor.

The author proudly states, Well, I did put cancer behind me; and doctors shake their heads and report, no evidence of recurrent or residual disease. I share my story in the book to encourage others. I share the enormous amount of research I did. I share how a dormant Christian (me) learned to tune into God and realize the particular connect the dots interactive miracle He had for me.

As the author states, "There is no reason for the Body of Christ to succumb to cancer which is the Goliath of "dis-ease." Five smooth stones and intimacy with THE Living God, is sufficient for us as for David-- when we realize the PRACTICAL power Jesus restored to us. Find victory in His Word, His truth and find that you can, Slam the Door on Cancer. A true testimony to the healing power of Jesus Christ!

For more information about the author visit  Slam The Door On Cancer and  Real Health Hope  for some great ministry, love, hope and encouragement.

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